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Our Krupps engines are very special to us at Bressingham. Whilst Rosenkavalier has taken pride of place in our museum, her sister engine (Mannertreu) is undergoing an extensive restoration process to one day be back in steam. A £5 donation helps us to secure the materials and expertise needed to fully realise this goal.

If you are a UK Income Tax payer, you can choose to add Gift Aid to your donation at no extra cost. It allows us to claim an extra 25% from the Government.


Price: £5.00

Giftaid Price: £5.00

A small donation goes a long way

Gift Aid Admissions - In purchasing a voucher as advertised above you are making a donation of at least 25% on top of your entry fee to Bressingham Tickets
(a registered society with charitable status).
This means Bressingham Tickets gets at least 25p extra for every £1 you spend at no extra cost to you
By generously choosing to Gift-aid your entry fee today, your entire ticket price can be treated as a donation and Bressingham Tickets will be able to reclaim 25% from HM Revenue and Customs. You are confirming that you will pay sufficient UK income/capital gains tax to cover this and all other gift-aided donations made in this tax year. If you choose to make an additional donation on top of your entry fee, this will also be treated as Gift-Aided and Bressingham Tickets will be able to claim the extra 25%